Jeon and Kevv releases “M’a Lag’e Caya” remix

Jeon released a remix of the song “M’a Lag’e Caya” in conjunction with a native Bonaire songster, otherwise called Artistico Kevv.

Who would’ve known that a simple published TikTok video resulted in a collaborative music video published on March 21. The story of how the collaboration of these artists resulted in this song is remarkable. It wasn’t long ago when Kevv posted on his TikTok with just a guitar his version of M’a Lag’e Caya, a track known by Jeon’s album Big Boy Forever.

One day Jeon suddenly received an abundance of messages where many people indicated that he should be vigilant to the video that Kevv publicized on his personal TikTok account. When Jeon saw the video, he liked it so much that he contacted Kevv and told him to collaborate with him and release a remix of the song.

In a spontaneous moment, the video shoot was in Rincon, Bonaire. Jeon traveled to Bonaire on March 16 early in the morning, where he met with Kevv and walked through various neighborhoods, where Rincon touched them as an exceptional area, so they decided that it would be the shooting location.

For more information, visit the social media pages of Kevv and Jeon, and you can see them live to see how they met and shoot the music video for M’a Lag’e Caya remix.

Jeon: https://www.facebook.com/arvanimuzic

Kevv: https://www.instagram.com/p/CbQVPb9LNLa/

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