Giving and receiving, a two way street at La Cabana

Eagle Beach.—At the end of 2022, La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino joyfully upheld all its annual traditions, in the spirit of wanting to give and help people in need, besides celebrating the season with their own family members.

Helping Hands, is one of those traditions. It is a regular feature on the resort’s volunteer social-activities menu. Helping Hands is organized by the Department of Human Resources, designed to highlight its loving family ties to colleagues in need, in addition to sharing special moments with those on the outside, in the community at large, always remembered during the holidays.

This year the team was successful in making an impact on associate families and on families outside the immediate resort circle.

With the annual tradition of lending a Helping Hand to Aruban Families in need, resort associates generously contributed by donating financially. They also gave generously of their time, making care packages, prepared with love and delivered, so that less fortunate individuals could also enjoy the Holidays with their loved ones.

As a gesture of reciprocations, and appreciation for everything associates do daily, members of management personally handed out hams, in respect for their hard work throughout the year. The Department of Human Resources contributed to the holiday vibe at the associates’ entrance with Christmas music by DJ Ito and a group of Dande singers, under the direction of a contract associate, wishing all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Associates were elated with of their Christmas surprise, demonstrating the concept that giving is a two way street.

Aruba Tourist Channel