La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino Holds Final Employee Meeting for 2023

ORANJESTAD – La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino organized its last employee meeting for the year 2023. The meeting took place on November 29th and also served as a reflection on a successful 2023, looking forward to what’s to come in 2024.

An annual tradition is that employees wear a different uniform each year, which serves as a reminder of the core values of the resort to recognize and emphasize.

In 2024, employees will be part of “The Essence of Passion,” indicating that the resort will optimize its efforts to serve guests with a passion for hospitality and tourism.

“As with La Cabana’s employees,” says HR Director Tessely Koolman, “we understand the passion involved in taking pride in your work and serving others with great enthusiasm.”

Former Guest Care Manager, Ena Vrolijk, also joined the meeting. She introduced the new badges and emphasized the importance of passion in the workplace, especially at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, where many repeat guests return for that experience.

In addition to renovation updates, the results of an employee satisfaction survey were also revealed, with a very special score for the Activities & Health Club team, who achieved a perfect score of 100 points.

Furthermore, employees received good news about some upcoming additional benefits, such as the PreSchool Assistance Program, Pension Contribution, and restaurant discounts.

They explained that the PreSchool Tuition Assistance Program is designed to assist employees in meeting the needs of their children in preparation for kindergarten. The program will partially cover the costs of kindergarten education.

In the spirit of commitment to the well-being and financial security of the resort’s tremendous team, La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino will now match employees’ extra pension contributions.

Finally, the resort has also partnered with Aruba Wine & Dine, meaning that employees can enjoy a 15% discount at various restaurants participating in the Aruba Wine & Dine program.

The meeting was an enjoyable occasion in a positive atmosphere among colleagues, reflecting unity in mutual commitment and respect for each other’s abilities to work together to achieve the highest level of hospitality for both internal and external guests!

Aruba Tourist Channel