Stunning Success: Aruba Airport Sets New Records with Unprecedented Traffic Figures for 2023

ORANJESTAD – In a remarkable achievement that underscores Aruba Airport Authority N.V.’s (Aruba Airport) commitment to excellence in contributing to Aruba’s aviation and travel industry, the final traffic figures for 2023 have exceeded all expectations, firmly establishing the airport as a regional competitor with unprecedented growth and success.

In the year 2023, Aruba Airport experienced a staggering 13% increase in passenger traffic compared to 2022, representing a recovery of 8% above 2019 figures and reaching a new milestone of 1,368,129 departing revenue-generating passengers. These remarkable figures confirm Aruba Airport’s position as a leader in the aviation industry within the region.

Out of these passengers, 72% departed to the USA, 4% to Canada, 14% to Latin America and the Caribbean, 6% to Europe, and 4% to the Dutch Caribbean islands. When comparing these markets to the number of departing passengers in 2022, it can be reported that the Canadian market grew by 82%, the Latin America & Caribbean market by 51%, the Dutch Caribbean islands by 14%, and the USA by 9%. The European market was the only market in 2023 to show a decrease in departing passengers, with an 18% decline compared to the previous year.

The average aircraft occupancy rate (number of occupied seats on board an aircraft) operating from Aruba was also extraordinarily positive, especially for North American airlines (USA and Canada), with averages of 92% and 83% in 2023, respectively. Our aircraft movements for 2023 have not yet reached the 2019 level and are currently at a recovery rate of 92%. Aircraft operations experienced high occupancy rates over the past year, and certain airlines have also used larger aircraft.

This increase in traffic not only reflects the growing popularity of Aruba as a travel destination but also indicates the positive economic impact on our local community. As more travelers choose Aruba for their journeys, the tourism industry on the island thrives and continues to create further opportunities. The Gateway 2030 expansion project currently being developed by Aruba Airport will further support these opportunities, with the first phase of this project expected to be completed in 2024. The next major expansion phase is also scheduled to begin in the year 2024. Based on passenger satisfaction and experience levels expressed through our monthly airport surveys, Aruba Airport has succeeded in addressing their needs at a very high level in 2023, both in terms of satisfaction and experience.

Joost Meijs, CEO of Aruba Airport Authority N.V., expressed his excitement about this remarkable achievement, stating, “These excellent figures are evidence of our team’s hard work and dedication, as well as the confidence and preference of travelers choosing Aruba as their destination.”

Over the past year, Aruba Airport has introduced innovative services, expanded the route network, and implemented advanced technology, all of which have played a crucial role in attracting more passengers and airlines. As Aruba Airport continues to soar to new heights, passengers can expect even more exciting developments in the future, with plans for improved and expanded facilities, enhanced services, and a commitment to providing an overall pleasant and authentic airport experience.

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