Great reception for King’s Day 2022 at Imeldahof’s Church

Big and small enjoyed King’s Day at Imeldahof’s Church, with activities organized by Museo Arqueologico Nacional Aruba (MANA) and Foundation Kapel di Bethania (FKB). Kids played games and raised kites, while grown-ups sits and cheer on their kids. Families enjoyed creative workshops and visited exhibitions and the unique chapel. In an enjoyable environment in the garden, they enjoyed delicious soup and snacks.

Many made use of the opportunity to take family or friend pictures in the Photo Booth that FKB especially fixed for this day. There are also special beautiful crafts for this occasion and there are also religious items on sale.

MANA and FKB are grateful to Mr. Glen Lacle from the Friends of the Sports Center San Nicolas Foundation, and IBISA workers, who voluntarily coordinated the popular games in a fun way for the kids who participated. Another popular activity that the kids could experience was raising kites.

Utilizing their activity card, kids participated in FKB’s raffle drum, where various prizes and people made enticing prizes available. Next to the activity cards, FKB collects funds from the bar and the kitchen. The Scout San Dominico group also collected funds with their snack and sweets tent.

Artists Gloria Feliciana and Erika Moran offered two workshops for participants between 5 to 100 years old. For a special price for the KIng’s day celebration, kids, teenagers, and grownups learned how to make necklaces from sea glass and paint a Caribbean scene on canvas. Alavez Foundation 1403 was present to sell the paint catalog on Aruba’s ravine.

Mana and FKB wish to thank all that contributed to the event, especially to volunteers who dedicated their free day to help. A big thank you to the Ministry of Culture and National Commission Days who helped with the tents, barricades, and promotions, to IBISA who helped with ideas for games and provide game materials, to Aruba’s press who provided space on their social media to inform the public about the event, to Imeldahof who made their field available to raise the kites and parking, to the guild who provides prizes, to artists Gloria Feliciana and Erika Moran, and Glen Lacle from Friends of the Sports Center San Nicolas. A big thank you to everyone who visited and participated, who helped promote and sustain the activities in one way or another.

Aruba Tourist Channel